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LiveJournal for Kenneth.

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Sunday, December 3rd, 2006

Subject:What's up vanilla face? MAN, it's been a while.
Time:6:33 pm.
Mood: thoughtful.
I haven't updated in almost a YEAR! I can't believe that. I also can't believe LJ didn't delete my account. I guess let me start off by saying "Hello everyone!". Anyone have a PS3? I do! Just kidding.

Let's see: Bonnaroo this year was awesome. Go figure. I've had a full-time job downtown at Zunzi's for a while now. I'm proud to serve this food...it is amazing. Come by and see me. I'm there everyday. Not usually after 4 though. In recent news I've been getting to know someone very special, and I have high hopes for her and I. Some of you may be happy to hear she plans on converting me into a Harry Potter fan. Is this a sign of the apocalypse?

Ummmmmm.....I've been keeping up with the drums everyday. I've learned countless techniques this year. I'm almost ready to upgrade to a Gretcsh or something. First things first, though. I need to upgrade my living situation...I plan to be out on my own in just a few months. Unless I blow too much money on said special someone.

Once I have a place to practice whenever I want, it's gonna be crunch time on recruiting band members for an improvisational-jam-funk-hard rock project. Laugh all you want: It's gonna happen. And it's gonna be nastay

Movies I've liked this year: V for Vendetta, Lady in the Water, Inside Man, Little Miss Sunshine (awesome), A Scanner Darkly, the Fountain, and of course BORAT!

What's up, vannila face?
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Wednesday, January 11th, 2006

Time:3:56 pm.
Mood: calm.
Well, the Demon-year is over. After getting kicked out of the Arts Academy, going to Jenkins, running from cops, relatives dying, my dog dying, grandparents dying, childhood friends dying, parents of friends dying, my nephew having a hole in his lung when he was born, and my friends leaving town all at once, I have concluded that 2005 officially sucked ass.

Plus, I got dragged to Bewitched.

It wasn't entirely without fun, though. James Brown was nuts, Bonnaroo was a slice of heaven, saw the Black Crowes twice, had some insane nights at Joe's Apartment, King Kong and Star Wars were actually good, hunted down the Ghost Hunters, saw Ellen Burstyn, revamped my entire drum set, gained drumming skills, finished High School.

I love getting insulted by people who don't know me. As hard as they try to upset me, it doesn't work. I'm not sure why, but I think it has something to do with the fact that they don't know me! Could be...

Hello, 2006. Be good.
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Sunday, November 6th, 2005

Time:3:27 pm.
I think I don't really know anyone on here anymore, or maybe they don't know me. In either case, LiveJournal has become pretty meaningless to me. Can someone leave me a comment to change my mind? C'mon...surprise me.
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Tuesday, October 25th, 2005

Subject:What's wrong?
Time:7:36 pm.
Mood: aggravated.
Pop culture is bullshit nowadays. I can't help but feel that way when I go to web-sites and see headlines about Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. Rotten leftovers of the boy-band crap from seven years ago is still making news?!? Looks like the terrorists have won afterall.
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Tuesday, October 4th, 2005

Time:9:03 am.
Mood: content.
I don't know if anyone here watches the show (i)"Ghosthunters"(/i) on the Sci Fi channel, but last week, Clayfer and I heard they were downtown "investigating" shit so we went downtown to hunt for them. And we found the guys...filming upstairs at the Moon River Brewing company on Bay St. We saw the lights coming from the windows of the dark rooms upstairs. We went into the ally and found one of them, and he went upstairs and got the rest of the guys to come down and meet us. Dork Clay brought along a Savannah Ghost book for them to sign. They were cool guys and they actually laughed at my cheesy "hunt the ghost hunters" joke.

Go see (i)"Corpse Bride"(/i) as soon as humanly possible. It is amazing. Some people don't think so, but I think I just found a piece of their brains.
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Wednesday, August 31st, 2005

Time:6:24 pm.
Mood: sad.
What's happening in the Gulf is so sad I can barely take it. I can't watch the news or think about poor New Orleans without crying.

I'm gonna give blood, and everyone else should too. That would be really cool of you.
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Thursday, August 25th, 2005

Subject:The Gospel According to Kenneth
Time:4:45 pm.
Mood: contemplative.
I haven't updated in a long time. Not that my updates are actual "updates", they're just random thoughts and scrambled, general sentiments.

What is there to say? I've experienced some sad, crazy events so far this year. For better or for worse, they have allowed me to grow as a person and think differently about a lot of things.

The joy of summer was not with me this year. It's not a special time anymore because I don't have to go to school. Summer was lame (with a few exceptions), but I am really looking forward to experiencing my first Fall in 13 years where I'm not circumscribed by the cuffs of the education system.

I have discovered the ethereal, surreal, and inspirational music that can be found in the collective works of The Mars Volta. (Collective works being only two albums.) But man....I love this band. Didn't think much of them at first until I saw them live. Then I immediately sally-forthed my way into Best Buy to negotiate the vending of the specified, compact, digital music.

Speaking of music, you will all see me in a band before too long. On display will be my ever-improving drumming skills. When I can pick up the sticks and play along with anything and make it sound rehearsed and freakishly perfect, I know I'm pretty close to being there.

I bought the Stanley Kubrick Collection DVDs. Stanley Kubrick is the greatest director to have been bestowed upon Hollywood. 2001, The Shining, A Clockwork Orange, Full Metal Jacket, etc. Brilliant masterpieces of great cinematic importance are now at my TV's disposal, in all their psychotic, psychedelic, sociological glory.

I'm sorry about the strange diction I have used during this entry, but I'm eccentric, and I don't like to write unless I sound smart...which can also mean using a needlessly excessive amount of words.

Peace, love, unity, respect.
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Friday, June 17th, 2005

Subject:Bonnaroo.....I've been to half of them now.
Time:5:00 pm.
Mood: happy.
A week ago today I was doing nothing but walking around and listening to music at the biggest music festival since the first Woodstock.

Words can't describe the euphoria one feels when standing in an ocean of happy, exuberant humanity. The music was great, but that is only half the picture.

100,000 people don't just show up at a 5-day rock show to get their groove on. They come because (whether they know it or not), they're looking for an answer.

Did they find an answer? Probably not. But going to Bonnaroo reminds you that you don't need an answer. All you need is air to breathe and ground to walk on.

I'm not even going to call it Bonnaroo anymore. I'm going to call it "The Farm", and the only things harvested on this farm are music, peace, happiness, and freedom (in the truest sense of the word). I may sound corny to you, but I am completely, sincerely, and utterly serious about my words.

Again, if you haven't been, all I can say is you're missing out and I feel sorry for you. The ticket may be $200, but the life-changing memories are priceless.

I caught Perpetual Groove, The Allman Brothers, Herbie Hancock, Jurassic 5, The Mars Volta, The Black Crowes, DJ Krush, Modest Mouse, Widespread Panic and many others.

Good times. Noodle salad.
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Tuesday, May 3rd, 2005

Time:5:16 pm.
Yo! Haven't updated this crap in a while. Let's see, what has happened to me since I last chose to grace the pages of this stupid blog site with my ineffectual musings?

Last week, I went with Clay to Charleston and we saw The Black Crowes. I don't think anyone on here would know anything about The Black Crowes, and it's sad to think the fact that Kate Hudson was there is probably more interesting to you. Instant Live was available, which lets you buy a high-quality CD recording of the show immediately after its over. WHOA!

Pure. Rock. &. Roll. Period.

Spencer Nathanael Krieg was just born at 2:45 today. I am now a double-uncle! Fear me. My sister is doing fine and the baby is a healthy 8 pounds, 1 ounce!


Hey, Mrs. Clanton!
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Sunday, March 20th, 2005

Subject:Another Saint Paddy's Day, another spring break.
Time:9:18 pm.
Saint Paddy's Day: Booze, tits, tongue, beads, "blueberry", and booze. What more could you ask for?

Spring break was fun...summer will be better, though.
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Sunday, February 27th, 2005

Subject:An update...or an alibi.
Time:5:49 pm.
Mood: predatory.
Kenneth Clark is "A" OK and did nothing last night but sit at home so he could read poetry and practice yodeling.
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Sunday, February 6th, 2005

Time:3:10 pm.
Mood: amused.
So I come home yesterday and Clay calls me from work saying that he has free tickets to Willie Nelson. Sweet! We got smashed and ripped and went to the Civic Center and watched ol' Willie do his thing. I had a good time. A lot of rednecks, but it was pretty jammin. He played "Georgia on My Mind", "Blue Skies", "Crazy", "Hey Good Lookin'", and other greats.

We waited for him to come out and we met this lady who was nuts about Willie Nelson and she told us she saw him at Woodstock on the shoulders of a Hell's Angel. Heh. I love meeting genuinely cool people. Willie never came out though. That was lame, but I got to see a fuckin' legend for free so I wasn't complaining.
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Thursday, February 3rd, 2005

Time:8:48 pm.
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Wednesday, January 26th, 2005

Subject:If you've seen Gummo, I'm impressed.
Time:4:50 pm.
Mood: thoughtful.

I have witnessed one of the weirdest, most disturbing movies ever created. It's called Gummo and it was made around 1997. It's an indie movie about a small white-trash town in Ohio that was hit by a terrible tornado in the 70's and judging by the film's content, never recovered.

The film doesn't really have a plot, though. Everything is shot in a quasi-documentary style. Each scene follows the same characters, but the scenes have no consequence. In essence, you're just viewing random images, situations, and dialogues that follow no narrative structure whatsoever.

There's the two teens on bikes, that ride around and kill cats with pellet guns and sell them to meat markets. There's the guy who pimps his retarded little sister in his own home. The inbred girl saying that she'd pay money to touch Patrick Swayze. The drunk rednecks who gather around a chair and destroy it, chanting "Kill that motherfucker!" The teenage albino girls who put tape on their nipples and rip them off so that they're "more red". The fact that there are only five real actors in Gummo makes you shiver.

This movie makes you look at your own life and say, "Damn am I lucky!" Anything that goes bad in your life, you can compare it to the problems these characters have and not worry anymore. Because of this, Gummo is an amazing movie. The critics HATED it, but who cares?

Check it out HERE.

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Wednesday, December 8th, 2004

Subject:The Dates are announced...who's gonna be hardcore?
Time:6:03 pm.
Mood: hopeful.

If you wanna change your LIFE, be completely free of EVERYTHING, and hitch a ride to PARADISE, click HERE. 

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Thursday, October 28th, 2004

Time:9:15 pm.
Mood: sad.
Nothing changes...even when you think things have.
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Monday, October 18th, 2004

Subject:Adrock, Mike D, and MCA!
Time:9:26 pm.
Mood: happy.
Just got my Zildjian hi-hats, 16" crash, 18" china, 20" ride and Remo drumheads today. This is living.

And for the record, the Beastie Boys show was fuckin' AWESOME!!!!
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Wednesday, October 13th, 2004

Time:7:48 pm.
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Friday, October 8th, 2004

Time:7:00 pm.
Mood: high.
Try this: Without using their names, say something to ten people or something that you wish you had said to them

1) Dude, what the fuck is wrong with Michael?
2) News sure travels fast, eh?
3) I desperately need to talk to you more.
4) Why the fuck am I doing this on a Friday night?
5) I've met real hippies and I can tell you now, you are not a hippy.
6) Thank you for taking away all of my rights for seven hours a day, five days a week.
7) No kiss?
8) You call me intimidating, yet I strive to be a very approachable person.
9) Wear that Nirvana shirt again, you Mallcore bastard, and I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU!
10) Hey, let's go to Zaxby's!

Thirteen random things you like:
01) the stars
02) girls
03) music
04) Dark Star
05) pastrami
06) signs
07) road trips
08) hookahs
09) Michelob Amber Bock
10) plaid
11) Zaxby's
12) sports
13) camping

Twelve good bands/artists: (in no paticular order...AND put their best album)
01) ween (the mollusk)
02) nirvana (in utero)
03) queens of the stone age (rated r)
04) deftones (around the fur)
05) the beatles (magical mystery tour)
06) prodigy (music for the jilted generation)
07) strauss (everything)
08) radiohead (the bends)
09) beastie boys (ill communication)
10) alice in chains (three-legged dog)
11) green day (dookie)
12) the black crowes (lions)

Ten things about you ... physically:
01) birthmark
02) tallness
03) brown hair- as dark as possible
04) chewed-up fingernails
05) chipped tooth
06) big eye-lashes
07) double-jointed fingers (great for scaring freshmen)
08) red, glazed eyes (when I can)
09) I can't think of anything else
10) ...

Nine friends: (In no Particular Order)
05) This questionaareiraaar crap is stupid, but now I'm past the point of no return.

Eight favorite foods/drinks:
01) beer
02) mountain dew
03) orange juice
04) pastrami
05) tequila
06) cookies
07) dr. pepper
08) sweet tea

Seven things you wear daily:
01) shirt
02) pants
03) socks
04) boxers
05) shoes
06) deodorant
07) miraculous medal

Six things that annoy you:
01) bitches
02) school
03) wet towels
04) the radio
05) money
06) britney spears

Five things you touch mostly everyday:
01) my doorknob
02) my shoes
03) my wallet
04) my drum sticks
05) this is hard and it's wasting my time...

Four shows you watch:
02) I never watch TV anymore...for real...

Three celebrities you have a crush on:
02) I've never had feelings for an image...

Two people that you have kissed:
01) people I have wanted to
02) people I did not want to...

One person you could spend the rest of your life with:
01) My future wife....
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Thursday, October 7th, 2004

Time:8:57 pm.
Some fucked up family problems. One of the worst nights of my life.
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